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FAB Match
Fantasy Dating

Fantasy Dating is fun and free. Dating from a distance.

Be the person you always wanted to be and meet like minded people and enjoy a little escape. Just find a friend for a date night or enjoy a little more adventure and find escape with safe, virtual dating.

FabMatch is in Beta Testing

What is Fantasy Dating?

Fantasy Dating is like ‘Cos Play online’. It is a fun and escapist way to meet like minded people with appealing fantasies. Create your own fantasy ‘alter-ego’ profile. Your fantasy can include photos, personality, likes and dislikes. Then match to like minded friends based on pure fantasies. You can create any persona, as long as it an adult and not based on a real person.

Have Fun Online

Fantasy Dating is the fun way to find new friends. Be who you want to be. Look like you want to look. Meet real people and have real conversations with the person they want to be. Think of the possibilities. You could be a billionaire or rock star. Be whoever you want to be, as long as your persona is an adult.

Who will you be?

The great thing about fantasies, is you can be anyone you want to be, whenever you want be. Create the fantasy you, and the real you. Then just be yourself, and have some fun. Be whoever you want to be, as long as your persona is an adult.

Real Virtual Fun

For the really adventurous, why not explore ‘real virtual fun’ with your new found buddy. Safe and exciting. Visit our fantasy shop to find out more.